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Thomas Malone founded Malone Studio, Inc. in 1976. The Studio specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of leaded and stained glass windows for liturgical, commercial and residential commissions, in a collaborative process with artists, clients, interior designers, committees and architects. The restoration and conservation of American and European stained glass is an essential and important part of our Studios commissions.

Tom began his career in the fabrication of stained glass in 1971. In the early 1970's, he worked at the apprenticeship and journeyman levels at various stained glass studios in the New York area working closely with prominent artists and glass designer/craftsman.

The Mel Greenland Studio in New York is instrumental in having established the guidelines, procedures and techniques for the restorations and conservation of stained glass. Tom worked closely with Mel on historically significant windows throughout the United States; including the Metropolitan Museum of Arts collection from the Cloisters, mastering the techniques of preserving stained glass windows.

Beginning in 1976, Tom also worked for the Helmut Schardt Studio, Northport, NY. Born in Germany, Helmut is a German Master Craftsman and US representative for the Mayer of Munich Studio, Germany. Tom has worked closely with Helmut on installing imported Mayer windows throughout the US. In addition, he has assisted Helmut for over 30 years creating, fabricating and installing new stained glass commissions and in the conservation of older windows.

Tom has studied with acclaimed German stained glass artist, Ludwig Schaffrath at the Dale Chihuly Pilchuck School for the American Glass Craftsman in Seattle, WA. He has executed the stained glass window designs for the VKJonynas and Don Shepherd Studio, Jamaica, Queens specializing is new liturgical commissions. Don Shepherd having been artist/designer for Blenko Glass and Herman Miller Furniture.

Tom has attended the Restoration and Renovation Conference conducted in Boston in March, 2002. This conference is conducted by conservation professionals, stained glass restorers, members of the Stained Glass Association of America, consultants and conservators with the goal to present up-to-date information on the techniques, procedures and methods in preserving stained glass. He has taken seminars with Art Femenella, of Femenella & Associates; a noted stained glass restoration expert and restoration editor for Stained Glass Quarterly.

In 1977, Priscilla Cocks Malone joined the Studio as artistic director and assistant. In addition to designing new stained glass windows for private, residential, commercial and liturgical commissions, she assisted Tom with the fabrication process, restoration and preservation of older stained glass windows. She has studied the art of glass painting and techniques with internationally acclaimed Lithuanian artist, Vytautas Kazimieras Jonynus and renowned stained glass artist, Albinus Elskus.

Since its beginning, the Malone Studio Inc. has been dedicated to excellence in both new window designs and preserving the integrity of older stained glass works.

The Studio's wide range of services includes:

New Stained Glass Windows: Whether our clients are seeking stained glass windows for religious buildings, commercial or residential settings, schools or even yachts! we personally meet with our clients, committees, architects and/or designers, on-site, to discuss the scope of the project, define their needs, develop goals, gather design ideas, take site measurements and evaluate options. Once a style, subject matter, budget and time line has been established, Priscilla creates watercolor renderings of the proposed windows. The design phase continues with original renderings, glass and frame samples, until a design is selected. Fabrication of the windows takes place in our studio. Installations are scheduled upon the completion of the windows.

Restoration of Existing Stained Glass Windows: Malone Studio’s historic restoration commission’s range from the restoration and conservation of American & European made church windows, rehabilitation of stained glass windows for an historic Newport yacht, to museum-quality preservation of Tiffany windows. Although the clients had little in common with each other, the scope of each restoration project is the same; to assess the requirements of each individual project, document the windows both in their existing state and in the studio, remove the windows, transport them to the studio and perform the restorations/renovations according to the Stained Glass Association of America “Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation of Historic Stained Glass Windows”. Restored windows are then reinstalled into their respective locations.

Glass Painting: Glass is by nature a magical medium! From the origins of stained glass, the painted figure, image or motif was one of the essential elements contributing to the overall beauty, meaning, and magic of the glass. Painting on glass is an intriguing and fascinating technique that can add a whole new personal, historical or religious dimension to the windows. Having studied the art of glass painting with internationally acclaimed Lithuanian artists, V.K.Jonynas and Albinas Elskus, combined with her drawing and fine art painting skills, Priscilla’s expertise in the techniques of glass painting provides a means of achieving the most intricate details in objects, figures or abstract forms. Whether our clients choose to have their family crest illustrated in their stained glass windows, or ecclesiastical windows requiring religious symbols/representation to the restoration of figurative windows, our Studio is uniquely qualified to provide this ancient tradition with today’s technology.

Protective Glazing: For the preservation of stained glass windows, where applicable, we adhere to the principal of using clear float, safety or tempered glass along with the proper venting system.

New Aluminum Frames: Malone Studio, Inc. can provide and install new custom aluminum frames manufactured by the J. Sussman Company, single, double or triple glazed that can accommodate protection glazing and stained glass. Custom frames come in a variety of finishes and in virtually any size or shape.

Wood Frame Replications: Our Studio can provide custom wood frames to duplicate any original historic profiles.