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The Malone Studio, Inc. is a family owned, full service studio offering the highest level of craftsmanship, artistry and workmanship in the creation, conservation and restoration of stained glass windows, design & construction services for renovations, repairs & improvements to your home or business, acquisition or commission of fine art & commercial paintings by Priscilla C. Malone.

Fine Art and Design

Malone Studio of Fine Art & Design features the art work of Priscilla C. Malone, a talented & accomplished painter, event artist & artistic designer. Through the mediums of watercolor, pastel and stained glass, she captures and brings the nuances of the world around her to the viewer - in the hope they may also experience, and respond, to that moment in time.

Special Event Artist - Do you know someone who's getting married and don't know what to give the happy couple? Why not give them something no one else will even think of: a one-of-a-kind artistic rendering of a particular moment in their wedding day! Priscilla's most requested commission is a watercolor replica of the bride's wedding bouquet painted directly onto the wedding invitation as a gift for the bride and groom! Matted & framed, this one-of-a-kind keepsake presents the Bridal Wedding Invitation with a watercolor replica of the bouquet she carried down the aisle!

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Stained Glass Studio

The Stained Glass Studio specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of leaded and stained glass windows for liturgical, commercial, residential and private commissions, in a collaborative process with artists, clients, interior designers, committees and architects. For over 30 years Malone Studio, Inc. has produced exceptional works in stained and leaded glass windows both in original designs and museum-quality restorations. Our Studio has been active in the creation and conservation of ecclesiastical stained glass since the early 1970's, working with numerous acclaimed artists and craftsman from all over the world. Hence, restoration, conservation and replication of stained glass are an essential and important aspect of our Studios commissions.