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Welcome to the Fine Art and Design of Priscilla Malone

I would be arrogantly selfish to proclaim my success as a painter was solely achieved. When dear Mrs. Abbot in 4th grade slashed my drawing of a tree with a giant "X" in the biggest red magic marker ever made (!) and yelled "trees don't have blue bark and orbital shapes", I died a thousand deaths before my peers. Sister Nina, in high school, prodded me into designing stage sets, flyers, posters, etc and encouraged me to take another shot at art, for she believed in me. VKJonynas was perhaps the most influential in guiding my art-training; he taught me to "SEE", then helped develop my technique in representing what I saw through painting.

Most importantly, my Saintly husband, Tom, is the ever-driving force behind me. Always supportive ... always critical ... He is 'agent-extraordinere'!

My heartfelt thanks reach out to all of those who have influenced me - good and not so good - as I have traveled the many paths before me. For their unconditional love, support, guidance, knowledge, PATIENCE, honesty and their believing in my abilities, I am truly grateful.

And I thank you, for visiting my website! Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or inquiries about purchasing any of my paintings, or commissioning works! Enjoy!


"Color is the language of the listening eye." ~ Paul Gauguin