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Priscilla Malone: artist statement

When I was only about 5, I remember bringing a small crayon drawing of some garden flowers to my grandmother who was confined to bed. She was so delighted to be given the image of something she couldn't see for herself - and I was delighted that my gesture brought her such joy. I continued to shower her with drawings of just about anything I looked at to see her smile over and over again. And so it began ... and so it continues.

I am forever 'seeing' beyond the obvious. You see a 'pear' and I see an amazing opportunity to show you how it's so much more! I relish in its shape, the sensational colors, how the light makes that pear shimmer, how long is the stem (and if there is a leaf still attached to the stem I practically cradle it back to my studio) what shadows can I create to play up the form, etc, and then I commence to paint its essence.

I am humbled by absolutely everything around me. It is my hope that through my paintings I bring the spirit, energy, power and Presence in what I paint to the viewer. When I paint, I am not so much interested in capturing any one particular moment or object, as I am in expressing something existential about the experience I encounter with it.

Painting in watercolor allows me the freedom to establish lush layers of transparent colors to create depth, illusion, contrasts and atmospheric qualities. I like to paint in very thin washes and develop the luminosity that comes from the pigment being absorbed into the paper; the light actually passes through the transparent paint and down through the layers and back up again. With each wash there's a subtle change - a little warmer here, a little cooler there - and the work starts to come to life. I cannot achieve such depth of color in any other medium. Hence, for me, it's the reason I paint in watercolor.

When I show a finished painting, I am saying that this work represents my passions, my respect for Life and nature, my knowledge and skill, and perhaps, things that even I am not aware of. It is my hope, my interpretation encourages the viewer to really look beyond the obvious and discover something new and sensational.


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